onsdag 17 november 2010

Back from Finland!

Finland and Tsukicon was so awesome! I got
back from there on monday night, but I didn't
really have any time to blog until now lol...

Soo much stuff happened and it's too much to
blog about... But it was great fun every day even
tho we hardly had time to eat or sleep haha!
And I met a lot of super cute new people ♥♥

I wanna post tons of pics cuz everyone was so
pretty there! But I didn't have a camera so I've
got none to post.... So if anyone wants to donate
some pics for my blog please let me know!!
Of course I'll credit and put a link to ur blog :)

Here is me on the boat to Finland:

And here is a pic of Swedish camwhore gals, haha:

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