tisdag 15 februari 2011

Weird stuff: my collection of cigarette packages

I am a weird person and I do weird things. One of
my weird hobbies is collection cute or just overly
stylish cigarette packages. Most of them are bought
in Japan. I think I might have posted about this earlier,
but now I have some neat-o pics of the collection.
All of them.

I don't smoke as much as I used to do in Japan anymore.
But I still think cute cigarette packs are awesome! I mean,
it's basically boxes containing stuff that will fuck your health
up and possibly kill you, but they look like they would be
containing candies or something lovely and cute! :D

Here are my favourite ones!

Mini Camel with menthol taste. They actually released
these in 5-6 diffrent colours, but I decided to only keep
the pink one as it was the cutest. These were half the
size and also half the price of "normal" Camel cigarettes.

Rainbows, sparkles and clouds.
Pianissimo always has super cute packages.

This whole box is shiny! Shiny and pink :D
The cigarettes also look lovely and taste like roses.
Do you use Anna Sui make-up? The rose smell
and rose taste is actually almost the same.

Sobranie cocktail! The cigarettes are in diffrent colours,
four(?) of each. They also have a line of "gold" on them.
The box looks way more luxurious in real life.

Virginia Slims Rosé! My favourite packages. These
were released as a limited edition collaboration with
Cecil McBee. I got a free lightercase with these :D

Thats was all for today :3

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