tisdag 24 maj 2011


So there was a small gal meet last week here in Stockholm!
We met up in a park for picnic and then we went on a 23 hour
cruise on the Baltic Sea. Since I was the one who organized it all
it was kinda... unorganized! Haha, I hope ppl had fun anyway!!
We failed to take a proper group shot and all that... SORRY!

Stina and Emi! Stina had to work so she couldnt join
the cruise but she showed up for the picnic!

Marcus touching Eivind breasts......

Eivind and Monica that came all the way from Norway!

Emi, Kotaro, me and Eivind in the elevator

Those ppl with smileys on their faces were some random
funny guys who decided to join the pic, I tought they might
not want to be on my blog so... Yeah.

Left to right: Dominique, me, Eivind, Lo and André. Emi in the front.
Lo and André weren't booked into the Gal cruise originally but
somehow we ended up on the same boat!!

My brotha from anotha motha

Monica and me!


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