fredag 9 december 2011


So I thought I should post stuff thats happened during my recent non-blogging time...
I'll start out with my nails! From least recent to most recent!

Actually the ones for the Amsterdam meet, I just never posted them.
My first attempt EVER at builing my own nails using gel and also,
of course, my first attempt at stilettos. Looks like SHIT but all the
deco covering it up makes the total impression somewhat ok!
Nails for that cruise I just posted about. Took some glue-on nails
and added more rhinestones and then covered them in UV gel
for a more "natural" (lol) result. I loved these!

Went to a salon and had these done. Ok I guess.
Took a week or so before I pimped them myself.

Here you can see the result of that. Cut them down,
added glitter and roses and stuff!

Short nails are not so glamourous but very convenient.
Made these using nail polish, nail stickers and some deco.
Other hand...

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