tisdag 7 maj 2013

Mondays outfit

Yesterday was a fun day! Did some shopping during the afternoon and after that, late night karaoke and drinks with a friend (。・ω・。) ♫♪

ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ .:*・゜♡゜・*:.ღ

☆ My OOTD ☆

Bobby pin: Accessorize ※ Necklace: Vivienne Westwood ※ Blouse: Forever21 ※ Skirt: H&M ※ Stockings: Tokyo somewhere... ※ Loafers: Bianco

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