söndag 10 mars 2013

More hooks!

I thought my last project was a lot of fun so I decided to continue on with a similar one right after!

This time I wanted somewhere to hang... a little bit of everything! You know the bag I used yesterday that still has got things left in it, that cardigan I want to use but not right now and for that pair of glasses that I'm too lazy to find the case for :)

How it looked before I did anything:

And after! Close ups further along in the post :)

Just like when doing my last project, I was unhappy about the screws showing. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything to cover these larger ones, so as a temporary solution I used some tape from Swimmer. It's better than nothing, I think!



More pictures of the result!

Jag tyckte det var så roligt att skruva och fixa så jag fortsatte! Nu blev det att få upp krokar åt lite diverse saker som varken skall användas just nu eller vara tillbaka i garderoben eller sin låda.
Jag blev rätt nöjd med resultatet, men jag måste hitta någonting finare att dölja skruvarna med!

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